A Demo of E STEM ACADEMY Private High School... Using containers yes containers. State of the art in Technology. Holding approximately 1050 students and landing port for 1 or 2 helicopters, first year revenue 5 to 6 million dollars.

Shipping containers are being used as a constructive alternative for homebuilders. Paul Galvin, the chief executive of SG Blocks, says the days for traditional homebuilders are numbered.

Homeowners and schools in hurricane- and tornado-prone areas now have an alternative to traditional brick and wood structures to keep their families and students safe: shipping containers. Their unibody steel construction exceeds structural code in the U.S. and stands up to severe conditions in seismic zones.

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A few years ago I transitioned out of my family business to focus on education in search of these answers finding solutions and clearing the way to bring STEM to young children has been my most purposeful and cherished journey. The experience and satisfaction surpassed even my most successful feats during my business career … working on cutting edge technology technical innovations as an computer engineer, computer programmer and designer was my major roll creating a TV Music Channel working with so many young talented people was my ultimate goal.

Since founding project, Eye In The Sky Project in 2014 witch now is E STEM ACADEMY PRIVATE H.S. Chapter 1. 2019, we have touched thousands of children and organizations in and outside of schools. I take pride in my background all the unique platforms I specifically designed to energize and excite young minds.

We are discovering that we can create sparks in young minds.

We are mission bound to make E STEM ACADEMY the H.S. of the Future with our 1st of its kind aviation platform and technology fun and real.

We look forward to serving youth in your community the education that makes students see the real world of today and for his tomorrow.

Victor Barriga “HAWK”
Join our TEAM with Professionalism and Integrity.

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E STEM Academy Chapter 1 2019